LIFE, Inc. Supports Important Pooled Trust Legislation

Senate Bill S1241A/Assembly Bill A5175A would require Medicaid to provide applicants and current recipients with notice of eligibility for the excess income program (pooled trusts)

Currently Medicaid is not required to inform applicants of the availability of pooled trusts as an option for dealing with excess income. Many people are simply not able to afford to pay their excess income to Medicaid, or do not have monthly medical bills totaling the amount of the overage. This legislation would mandate that Medicaid provides applicants and current recipients with information regarding eligibility for a pooled trust. By placing their excess income into a pooled trust, Medicaid recipients shelter the funds from Medicaid and can use their excess income to pay for living expenses, instead of surrendering the funds every month to Medicaid. LIFE, Inc. is a strong supporter of this legislation and we believe that people should be empowered with information and given choices regarding their medical care.

Click on the following links to tell your representatives that you support this legislation: (State Senate) or (State Assembly)