New York State Special Needs Trust Coalition Welcomes Our First 2 Advisory Board Members, Michael LaMagna, Esq. and Justin Young, Pooled Trust Advocate from CDR

We are excited to announce the first two appointees to the Advisory Board of the New York State Special Needs Trust Coalition – Michael LaMagna, Esq. and Justin Young, Pooled Trust Advocate.

Michael LaMagna, LNHA, MPA, JD is an attorney at the law firm of Helwig, Henderson, LaMagna, Gray & Spinola, LLP who concentrates in the areas of Medicaid and Advanced Asset Protection Planning, Elder Law, Trusts and Estates, Probate and Probate Litigation, Guardianships, Health Care Regulatory Matters, Nursing Home Placement, Long Term Care Insurance, Medicare Appeals, Social Security/SSI Litigation, and Special Needs and Disability Law. He is admitted to practice in New York, Connecticut, Federal District Court and U.S. Supreme Court. He is also licensed and has practiced as a Nursing Home Administrator in both NY and CT and has managed and consulted in numerous Health Care Facilities, including Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Centers, Independent Housing and Ambulatory Surgical Centers.

Justin Young has been a Disability Rights Advocate for several years and since January 2013 has led the Pooled Trust Advocacy initiatives for the Center for Disability Rights. Justin’s successful advocacy initiatives include negotiating with 60 of 62 Local Department of Social Service agencies to change their procedures related to Verifications of Deposits, and he is continuing to push the remaining counties to adopt similar practices. Pooled Trust consumers are required to submit proof they are paying their excess income to a Pooled Trust Account. Once the proof is received, the Locial Department of Social Services verifies it is accurate, thereby applying Medicaid coverage which is how it gets its name of Verifications of Deposits. In 2014 Justin led the fight to push the New York State Department of Health to rescind a policy that negatively effected married couples enrolled in Pooled Trusts and was successful within 3 months. His most recent advocacy initiative relates to working with the New York State Legislature to introduce legislation requiring the mention of the Pooled Trust option be included in the Medicaid letters sent out to People with Disabilities in need of Medicaid.

Justin is happy LIFE, Inc. reached out to him to ask the Center for Disability Rights join the newly formed coalition and ask him to serve as an Advisory Board member. Through this new connection, further success related to Pooled Trust Advocacy shall occur throughout the State of New York!